(KMCS) Key Management Crypto System



The KMCS is an application that manages all the cryptographic operations and tasks required during the chip personalization process.

The KMCS is handling cryptographic operations related to the smart card personalization process. This includes - but not limited to – both encryption and decryption operations and PIN related operations. This software is also providing users with intuitive functions to manage issuer and chip related key sets.

The KMCS relies on a physically and logically protected cryptographic board. This security level ensures that neither keys nor sensitive data are in clear outside the HSM (hardware-protected tokens) thus protecting cardholder data and information during the complete issuance process.

Thanks to key transfer protocols, all keys generated during the preparation phase can be securely and remotely transferred from one Hardware Security Module to another without any security breach.

Main features:

Management of user profiles

Issuer management

Symmetric keys (DES) generation

Import/export of symmetric keys.

Architecture and technology:

Windows PC server compliant (Windows 2003 Server)

Remote access through TCP/IP network

Synchronous / asynchronous execution mode

Multithread execution for parallel processes execution.

Recommended system requirements:

Pentium IV 2,8GHz with 512Kb cache,

1GB RAM, 80Go Hard Disk

Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 3 or higher.