Laser Marking Station


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The LASER MARKING STATION allows the personalization of logos, alphanumeric codes, bi-three-dimensional codes (datamatrix) with high precision and reliability.

It guarantees optimum efficiency on any kind of material - plastic, metal, silicon and PCB - and on both flat and uneven surfaces with high accuracy (TEM00 output with M2<1.5 and lower spot sizes than 25 microns).

The laser marking module is based on the “All in One” system: the laser cavity, the scan head and the full digital electronic control are fitted in an unique device.
In addition, it is provided with an air-thermostable cooling system TEC “thermo–electric cooled” technology that ensure a constant temperature output. The estimated average laser output is over 20,000 (MTBM).


Main features:

DPSS “long life” technology (Diode Pummeled Solid State)

Laser: 1064 nm, 12/20 Watt, dynamic beam expander

Laser emission efficiency valued at about 20.000 MBTM (hours without maintenance)

Air-cooling system TEC (Thermo-Electric Cooled)

Integrated Scanning head and electronic control “Full Digital”

Working area: from 60x60 to 180x180 mm²

Meets international security specifications (CEI EN 60825-1).