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Premium Series


PREMIUM SERIES is a range of processes that can be physically and logically integrated to create different personalization functions.

These processes can be configured into different combined production lines in order to satisfy different needs in terms of:

Product range


Simultaneous management of production batches.

The total flexibility makes PREMIUM SERIES the ideal device to meet the personalization requirements for: banks and financial institutions, government offices, retail, transport and service bureaus.

PREMIUM SERIES incorporates a wide range of personalization technologies: smart card encoding (contact and contactless), magnetic stripe encoding, embossing, thermal printing, and laser engraving.

PREMIUM SERIES can process up to 3,000 cards per hour.

As a result of the innovative engineering approach, PREMIUM SERIES is suitable for high/medium volume card issuance.
However, processing of smaller batches with the same speed and efficiency is perfectly feasible.

The various processes are autonomous and fully driven and controlled by an embedded software program located inside the System Muster PC that manages all the personalization functions.

PREMIUM SERIES features a unique card handling system that completely eliminates any scratches of the card .

PREMIUM SERIES has been designed to minimize downtime by making every single module accessible via the front opening.

Particular attention to detail has been given to the use of solidly built/long lasting components and high quality mechanical, electric, and electronic components.

These features combined with a powerful auto-diagnosis tool (also remote-controlled) allows efficient maintenance and troubleshooting, thus minimizing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).