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Maxima Series

Combi 300 Flexi

Maxima 821 - 821 T

Maxima 861

Maxima 120i Plus-120i



Maxima Series line for card embossing and printing will perfectly suit the needs of modern companies looking for high performance in instant card issuance.

Maxima Series includes complete range of machines starting from COMBI 300 Flexi, unique desktop solution currently available allowing you to integrate a card embossing station with a printer of your choice to create personalized cards using embossing and printing with direct or indirect transfer. This model offers extended opportunities for continuous bank card personalization directly at your branch.

Maxima models differ in size and capacity to offer alternative opportunities in mobility and productivity. These models are the ideal solution for anyone who needs to personalize small volumes of cards.

Maxima 821, Maxima 861, Maxima 120i and 120i Plus models perfectly adapt to specific needs of instant card issuance, offering tailor-made solutions thanks to the variety of options available: different sizes of embossing drums, switch to modules infill, magnetic and smart card encoding stations.

Our support team will help to explore all advantages of Maxima Series including personalization opportunities and delivery options. Contact us using email