About us

CIM - Card printers


Born in the middle 80s, CIM remains the leading provider of card personalization solutions and metal tag marking systems on international market.

Blending quality of business card printing and cost-effective solutions, CIM determined new standards in card printer manufacturing and instant issuance solutions with strong and reliable partnershipson both local and international level, including Miami office in USA.

Consolidated team of experienced professionals is one of the core CIM values. Our solutions blend quality, convenience as well as excellent pre- and post-sales assistance service: our team will support you on each step of collaboration from pre-project up to the after-sales technical assistance.

Expertise in production of card printers allowed us to find perfect balance between modern trends in card distribution focusing on productive solutions for card personalization and result-driven yet effective technologies that go beyond card printing, like metal tag marking systems.

Smart, cost-effective solutions for instant issuance, focus on quality and thought-out reduction of losses create future trends for printing and embossing. CIM perfectly reflects growing needs in high quality devices for card printing and embossing covering complete range of industries requiring instant card issuance.

Our team will help to find optimal solution for card personalization in line with most complex demands. Ask for all necessary information for your future project now contacting info@cimitaly.com.