Multiencoding Station


01 B Tecnologia Person Eng

The electrical personalization station allows for the personalization of a variety of CONTACT and CONTACTLESS cards.

Each single station contains up to 16 independent card slots located around the radius of a rotating cylindrical wheel.

Every single card is contained, during the personalization process, in a slot that has a contact terminal and a RF antenna.
Inside the slot the card has two positions to communicate with the chip and the RF antenna; in case of CONTACTLESS encoding only, there is no physical contact with the card surface.

The chip and the RF antenna are physically and logically independent controlled, making it possible to activate the personalization of CONTACT and CONTACTLESS simultaneously as well as independently.


Main features:

Smart Card Encoding (Contact ISO 7816 and Contactless ISO 14443 )

Simple and efficient design

High speed & unsurpassed reliability – in case of slot failure the system will continue to work

The interface of the single control units to the management system is via Ethernet

Rotating joint for electrical connection – 12 routes

Friction belt card transportation

Input/output card presence optical fibre sensors

Performance: up to 3,000 cards per hour.