NEW ML2000 20W tag laser system - more power, more flexibility

CIM’s tag laser marking product line just got bigger with a new, even higher performing solution. Less than one year after the introduction of the 6-watt ML2000, CIM now offers an additional new, more powerful 20-watt version for heavy duty tag marking applications.
The ML2000 uses reliable fiber laser technology that allows you to mark metal tags of different dimensions up to a maximum of 30 x 115 mm.
The ML2000 is a high quality permanent marking solution for Product ID and Work-in-Progress identification. You can reproduce product specific data, variable data, 2D DataMatrix codes, QR Codes, 1D barcodes, images and company logos according to application requirements.
The CIM lasers allow for efficient and highly detailed laser marking. The ML series is bundled with our LaserTagOne software, which allows complete job creation and management. A tag preview feature is an added value since it allows configuring all graphic elements in a simple and intuitive way as to obtain a precise mark.
The ML2000 20 Watt is a comprehensive tag laser marking solution with a fully adjustable laser power and frequency band. Suitable for all metals from soft aluminum, anodized aluminum, copper and brass to steel.
The increased power also guarantees a reduction in production times and a deeper mark, if required.
The ML2000 20 Watt is turnkey with an optional air filtration and exhaust system to insure a clean work environment with a low environmental impact. The laser unit can be used in all manufacturing settings.

High quality, durable and precise laser mark
Fast production speed and excellent definition
Reliable with low ongoing operating costs
Adjustable laser power and frequency settings
• Several parameters for optimal configuration of laser marking speed and quality
• Preview of the tag for accurate positioning of the variable data
Safety window for viewing the laser marking process

ML2000 is the ideal solution for the automotive sector, component manufacturing industries such as electronic, industrial manufacturing, packaging just to name a few, and in all sectors where high level identification and traceability with electronic data capturing of product data is required.