CIM confirms its presence in China by providing its Pro Series Solutions to Construction Bank

emv card 3 China. In 2011, CCB was the second largest bank in the world by market capitalization with more than 13,000 domestic branches. In addition, it has 10 overseas branches in Europe, Asia, US and Australia, and a wholly owned multiple subsidiary.

With the existing installations COMBI 1000 and MULTIFEEDER 6000, for EMV personalization of credit and debit cards, Construction Bank of China has reconfirmed its trust in CIM’s card personalization solutions with the recent installation of two new PRO SERIES personalization lines. The new lines consist of the EMBOSSER 2000 and the MULTIFEEDER 6000 solutions, allowing the bank to manage the central issuance of PBOC contact and Contactless credit and debit cards and also healthcare cards, on behalf of the Health Ministry of China.

CIM PRO SERIES solutions are among of the most flexible and complete systems in the market, allowing banks and financial institutions to manage the entire life cycle of an PBOC card, including mailing the card to the future cardholder! The PRO SERIES line is completely field upgradeable and additional modules can be easily added at any time to meet the changing demands of the customer.

We are proud to say that CIM has proven to be the best solution for yet another leading financial institution!