CIM launches MAXIMAILER PLUS HP a high production folder inserter solution for card mail handling.

CIM introduces MAXIMAILER PLUS HP, the new version of MAXIMAILER PLUS. The system is a flexible, reliable, high volume solution for card mail handling, available for CIM’s CAM 3030 and CAM 8080 Pro Series systems. The advanced mailing solution can be customized to meet the workflow requirements of the widest range of mailing applications. Its modular design allows the system to be readily adapted to the changing application requirements of evolving businesses.

cam 3030 maximailer HP

The MAXIMAILER PLUS HP has been improved upon previous standards of productivity, reliability and security:
• This highly versatile envelope inserter can process, stand-alone, up to 4,800 envelopes per hour.
• Its high loading capacity reduces downtime and maximizes productivity.
• Powerful and intuitive with an unlimited job memory.
• Auto-setup eliminates hours of manual adjustments.
• A unique all-inclusive scanning module reads almost any type of document coding.
• A controlled and focused jet of air opens envelopes for reliable insertions.

The MAXIMAILER PLUS HP is able to handle a wide range of card carriers and leaflets/booklets, inserting them into regular envelopes ranging from C5 to C6 to format, ready for delivery.

The MAXIMAILER PLUS HP’s color graphic interface makes it easy for users. Jobs can be easily selected and ensures new jobs are easily set up. Once a job has been programmed into memory, running it is really simple. Changing over to a completely different job takes only a few minutes.