CIM launches ME 500, the new portable solution for metal plates and dog tags embossing


CIM is proud to announce the introduction of the new ME 500ME500ME 500 is an user-friendly, compact and ergonomic solution. Thanks to the embedded CPU and the integrated software, the machine is capable of working completely stand alone without any connected PC.

The ME 500 emboss end deboss metal plates and dog tags/medical tags, it is possible to shift from one format to the other by changing the input hopper. The machine supports metal plates up to 60x65 mm. and dog tags and medical dog tags with standard format. Customized solutions can be realized for specific customer needs.

The ME 500 is also compact and designed to be portable. Thanks to the front handle and to the light weight can be easily carried without any additional packaging.

The machine is ideal for the personalization of small/medium metal plates and dog tags/medical dog tags volumes.