CIM introduces the MaxiMailer Smart. Excellence in card mailing performance

The new MaxiMailer Smart is the evolution of the Maximailer Plus HP and completes the Pro Series portfolio product line. It is available in two versions MaxiMailer Smart and MaxiMailer Smart +, with different speed performances and provided respectively with Cam 3030 and Cam 8080. The system is very versatile and can be used in a wide variety of card applications. It is simple and intuitive to use and allows for the management of C6 and C5 envelope formats as well as insertion of brochures of various thicknesses and dimensions. The mechanical setup parameters are now job based with the ability to save an unlimited number of jobs. Consequently, the setup time for each new job is greatly reduced, resulting in improved productivity.

The new MaxiMailer Smart system features mechanical and operational enhancements with a brand new folding module. The module has been redesigned with improved reliability which combined with the operating system updates, offers a much improved overall experience.

The MaxiMailer Smart is a feature rich solution and offers an excellent price/performance relationship. Moreover it comes with the possibility of expanding the system by adding new modules at any time in the field thus making the MaxiMailer the optimal solution for all card mailing and card fulfillment needs.



Higher precision and reliability in the carrier folding operation
The new folding module is enhanced in terms of precision and reliability. The document transportation and positioning systems have been perfected mechanically and functionally, resulting in significant improvement of the carrier folding process. The module is capable of folding various formats (C, V and Z) with maximum precision, offering the right solution for any card fulfillment application.

Much quieter, noise reduced significantly
The new module is much quieter. Noise has been further reduced, thanks to the addition of sound proofing material which has reduced the ambient operating noise level.

Easy Access to the folding module for easier management and maintenance
Easy access to the folding station guarantees easier access for maintenance and operations.

System updates, intuitive and easy to use
Thanks to the MaxiMailer Smart’s new user interface the module is managed intuitively and is extremely easy to use. The 15’ touch-screen display and the enhanced operating system guide, assist the operator with a new type of controls. The user-friendly display allows the user to manage all the phases of the production process while remaining at their station, in addition, the new assistance function aides in the setup and in problem resolution.