CIM MDM2000 and MDM2000 2D Data Matrix allow now the use of up-to 3 fonts on the same tag

The growing requirement of various sectors of applications for tag personalization with a higher complexity of data has brought CIM to develop a new firmware that allows the use of more fonts simultaneously, thus it is possible to use different fonts to visually highlight differences of data.
A new setup menu allows to set fonts, which are loaded onto the machine using Sword Software through the serial port. Up to 9 fonts can be saved simultaneously which can be combined using up-to 3 fonts contemporarily for the personalization of one single tag.

The MDM Series is a METAL TAG MARKING SOLUTION that operates with MICROPERCUSSIONS. Through a series of micro-incisions, a sequence of dots is marked creating a trace similar to that of a laser. It is an advantageous solution and an alternative to traditional incision techniques. This guarantees total freedom and flexibility in the management of metal tags, allowing to mark WORDS on metal surfaces, in all WINDOWS-TYPE fonts, as well as LOGOS and GRAPHIC ELEMENTS in general. The 2D Data Matrix version is equipped with a system that creates 2D Data Matrix bar codes, the 2D Data Matrix bar code has the great advantage of containing a high number of information in a small amount of space.

MDM is a solution that generates great flexibility and assures precise permanent marking that is extremely difficult to counterfeit. Suitable for harsh environments, can withstand the elements, and resistant to post-marking treatments.