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Card Affixing & Mailing Systems Impressive Sales

Card affixing and mailing systems prove impressive sales performance in the first half of 2013!

CIM is very pleased to announce that within the first half of the year sales for card affixing and mailing systems have doubled. This success confirms that CIM solutions are preferred for card affixing and mailing applications.

CIM has seen an increased interest from different areas of the world; however the main area of interest has been in the Middle East, where CIM solutions are steadily increasing due to penetration into the financial market.

CIM provides two solutions for card affixing and mailing: the CAM 3030 for medium production volumes and the CAM 8080 for higher production needs. The CAM 3030 achieves a throughput of up to 1,400 cards/carriers per hour, and the CAM 8080 can achieve up to 2,000 cards/carriers per hour. Both solutions can be provided with the MAXIMAILER PLUS, a multi-station system that folds and envelopes the carrier with the card attached.