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POWERTAG is CIM’s response to a growing demand for intuitive, easy to use and powerful metal marking software that can manage both simple and more complex tag marking jobs.

POWERTAG will be available in two versions, Lite, which will be included with every unit, and Evo, an evolved version with more features, available upon request.

POWERTAG Lite is intuitive and simple, ideal for manual field insertion on tags

POWERTAG Evo is a versatile application, designed with an intuitive user interface that allows even beginners to manage graphics and data at an advanced level. The “Drag and Drop” feature allows insertion and positioning of fields easily. The menu bar and wizard function allow easy to access various operations and to execute them effortlessly. The software features a tag preview function that allows the user to see the final marking result in real-time.

Both version offer the possibility of managing various machines simultaneously, this is very useful when more than one type of marking is required.

A database allows the user to acquire the variable data for the tag marking. POWERTAG interfaces with the most commonly used databases such as: My SQL, Oracle, Access, Firebird, etc.

The software is compatible with most operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 10, Linux and OSX.

The new features for MDM series allow the user to print tags using Microsoft Windows true type fonts in variable sizes and to store more fonts in the machine memory. The user can also associate two logos and three different fonts in the same job for added versatility.