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The dot peen technology makes MDM 1000 and MDM 2000 the most versatile metal tag marking machines since it allows total freedom in designing the layout of your custom metal tags.

With these dot peen marking systems, manual (MDM 1000) or automatic (MDM 2000), the loading and unloading of metal plates have never been easier.

Equipped with a unique clamp for plates of different dimensions and metals, METAL DOT MATRIX machines are designed to meet the most complex requirements in metal identification plate marking.

CIM has developed various command protocols allowing MDM 1000 and MDM 2000 to easily interface with custom applications.

MDM 2000 is available with a new firmware that allows the use of up to three fonts on the same tag. A new setup menu allows to set fonts, which are loaded onto the machine using Powertag Software through the serial port. Up to 9 fonts can be saved simultaneously which can be combined together using up to 3 fonts contemporarily for the personalization of one single tag.

Our team of experts will help you explore all the advantages and special features of MDM 1000 and MDM 2000 including marking opportunities and delivery options.

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