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Quick Mark - for ME550 Flexi Cable Tag


QuickMark is a simple and versatile software with an intuitive interface that insures professional graphic creation and high level data management that is EASY TO USE EVEN BY NON-EXPERTS.

QuickMark allows you to to see a PREVIEW OF THE TAG before marking it. This allows the user to create tags with more ease while monitoring the end result prior to marking.
The marking interface is easy and intuitive, connecting a tag to a database it is possible to view the tag to be marker as well as the tags selected to be marked.

QuickMark can be connected to the MOST COMMON DATABASES SUCH AS ORACLE, SQL SERVER, ACCESS, MYSQL, FIREBIRD, H2, etc.. as well as interfacing with MICROSOFT AND CSV FILES.

QuickMark is available in two languages, Italian and English, yet can be configured in other languages upon request.
The Log Manager allows to VIEW ALL PRODUCTION LOGS, a summary of the job and system logs, all while using one simple interface