Thermal 2000 - Thermal 2000 c

CIM - Thermal Card Printer


Thermal 2000 is our signature thermal printer for cards that will perfectly suit the needs ofdirect transfer printing in high volumes.


Simple design and excellent quality of all components in Thermal 2000 ensure excellence in performance and highest print quality (300 dpi resolution).


Thermal 2000 system is ideal for large-scale card personalization offering additional features like a cleaning station with CIM T-Clean tape that completely removes dust and debris from card surface.


Thermal 2000 is equipped with an integrated MSP (Multi Smart Processing) system for enhanced productivity allowing print up to 4 cards simultaneously. In addition, the two printheads receive data from two parallel ports to optimize print speed.


Two modules for direct transfer printing are designed with the dual objective of optimizing performance and reducing cartridge consumption, offering unbeatable flexibility and unmatched performance. Here are some key features of this thermal printer for cards:


• Double color and/or monochrome direct transfer printing station.

• Double card cleaning station.

• Flip-over device for front-to-back direct transfer printing.

• Magnetic band coding station (JIS / ISO).

• Smart Card, Contact and Contactless coding station.

• Coding of VISA and Mini VISA cards.



• Embosser 1000

• Embosser 2000

• Multifeeder 6000

• Label Dispenser 1500

• Affixing Card & Mailing System 3030

• Affixing Card & 8080 Mailing System

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