Multifeeder 12000

CIM - Personalized Smart Cards


MULTIFEEDER 12000 is a multi-card platform for production of personalized RFID cards as well as contact and NFC cards. The machine is designed for centralized card issuance in high production volumes.


Smart card encoding with RFID and NFC goes with a wide range of both contact and contactless standards: ISO 14443, ISO 18092, NFC forum, together with proprietary systems such as MIFARE, my-d ™, FeliCa ™ and more. This platform also supports hybrid or dual-interface cards. The wide compatibility with the most widespread systems provides all-in-one solution for a complete range of smart card encoding needs .

Equipped with 12 encoding stations Multifeeder 12000 ensures effective smart card personalization. The platform guarantees a high output to personalize high volumes in an easy way with complete flexibility and reliability thanks to the 12 coding devices able to contain 200 cards each.

The machine consists of two units working alternately to ensure continuous recharge with new cards. The alternate cycle allows the machine to maintain high productivity even during EMV card personalization process and multi-functional card production. Multifeeder 12000 can work both stand-alone or online. The stand-alone solution is ideal for organizations that already have equipment to realize the traditional elements of personalization and want to enhance production with a new tool for smart card encoding.

Multifeeder 12000 can also integrate with Pro Series machines such as HS 8000 for a complete personalization process providing embossing or indenting methods, magnetic stripe encoding, graphic printing and more features.

The process is completed by the inclusion of CAM8080 and Maximailer HPi, the CIM solution dedicated to mailing, which first applies the card to the carrier for further folding and wrapping ready to be sent to the future owner of the card.

Thanks to its reliability and high performance, Multifeeder 12000 is the ideal tool for financial institutions, public administration, insurance companies, retailers, telephone operators and all organizations that require high-volume issuance.


• HS 8000

• Affixing Card & 8080 Mailing System

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