Combi 300 Flexi

CIM - Thermal Printer and Embossing Station


Offering new opportunities for combining thermal card printers and embossing stations we provide advanced and cost-effective solutions for large businesses and new opportunities for small brands. Combi 300 Flexi is unique desktop solution on the market allowing you to integrate the embossing machine with a direct –to-card or retransfer card printer of your choice. it is possible to integrate the main printers on the market and connect them to CIM station.

Ensuring maximum flexibility Combi 300 Flexi is available in two versions, Line and Tower. This model consists of an embossing station, which can be equipped with a drum of different sizes and a tipper station to complete personalization process.

COMBI 300 Flexi is one of flagship models in Maxima Series providing excellent integration with external printers in both versions: two-level tower (Combi 300 Flexi Tower), or linear structure (Combi 300 Flexi Line).

Both vertical and horizontal transportation systems moves the card from thermal card printer section to embossing station, completing card personalization in a quick and effective way.

Embossing operations in Combi 300 can be performed using relief and indenting methods with a capacity of the drum up to 120 characters. This model can complete a card in 30 seconds.

Data security of this device is managed by special DATA SECURITY function that operates at Middleware level to ensure full-range data protection.

Data transmission between PC and machine is performed in encrypted mode using cryptography (AES256K). Pan, CVV2, expiration date and other vulnerable data is obfuscated in order to prevent any attempted acquisition or unlawful bailouts. Dedicated DATA SECURITY function provides enhanced protection of all security keys in an optimal manner to prevent fraudulent copying and alteration.

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