Software Architecture


INFINITY - Graphic User Interface

System console (machine status, job management, error recovery…)

Import/export of job production data


ZEN - Supervisor

ZEN is the main system supervisor and management application, providing:

Card Data management

Synchronization of the Smart Card Process calls for each slot device

Job management

Machine management.

DEVICE MANAGER - Automation Process

Mechanical and electronic device commands and control

Card process synchronization

Card handling

The Software modules described above are part of the MultiEncoder Module solution.

UNIVERSE - Integrated Software Development Kit

UNIVERSE is a CIM product, a development environment enabling the final useror system integrator to develop their own smart card (chip) application which can be loaded on the MULTIENCODER Module, starting from a complete Software library included in the package (smart card device communication, HSM interface, XML protocol support). The SDK package is based on Java Technology and the pre-configured operating system is Windows XP Embedded. 

SMARTCARD Application Process

Specifi software application that manages the electrical personalization of the smart card according to the specifications of the actual type of smart card (chip) loaded in each slot device.

Software Architecture